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It's important to note that unlike other seasons, where the program was curated and constructed many months in advance, this season we must be flexible and open to the uncertainty surrounding the concert program, musicians, singers, and conductors that will join us this season.

We welcome everyone joining us through the online subscription. We are constantly working to find ways of enriching the online subscription with additional concerts, lectures and talks about the music and the composition process.

The season's opening concert, originally scheduled for the 17th of October in the Tel-Aviv museum and on the 18th of October in Jerusalem will no longer take place. We are checking for the next  possible opportunity in which we will be able to play on stage. We do not have an alternative date yet, but as soon as we do, we will advertise it.

All subscribers can switch to an online subscription and we will refund the  difference in price. All concerts will be filmed and recorded as planned and we will advertise the concert dates as soon as we know them.

New this year:

Online subscription to watch and listen to professional stage recordings  with High quality sound.

As well as access to previously recorded ensemble, concerts and additional podcasts, lectures and talks.

Subscription for in person concerts during the 30th season:

Purchase of subscription to sit in the hall for 6 concerts in a series of discoveries (Entrance to the hall and the number of subscribers allowed, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health) And 3 more special concerts at a special discount for subscribers only.



Regular: 480 NIS, Senior: 430 NIS, Student / Composer: 300 NIS


Online subscription: Starting this season, all concerts will be filmed and recorded in high definition and will follow a pre-filmed lecture / talk.

All 9 concerst will be available online this season at a cost of only NIS 300.

Each subscriber will recieve a username and password for the season concerts.


More this season: podcasts, chamber concerts, experimental music events,

lectures on the work process of composition and more.

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