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It's important to note that unlike other seasons, where the program was curated and constructed many months in advance, this season we must be flexible and open to the uncertainty surrounding the concert program, musicians, singers, and conductors that will join us this season.

We welcome everyone joining us through the online subscription. We are constantly working to find ways of enriching the online subscription with additional concerts, lectures and talks about the music and the composition process.

The season's opening concert, originally scheduled for the 17th of October in the Tel-Aviv museum and on the 18th of October in Jerusalem will no longer take place. We are checking for the next  possible opportunity in which we will be able to play on stage. We do not have an alternative date yet, but as soon as we do, we will advertise it.

All subscribers can switch to an online subscription and we will refund the  difference in price. All concerts will be filmed and recorded as planned and we will advertise the concert dates as soon as we know them.

New this year:

Online subscription to watch and listen to professional stage recordings  with High quality sound.

As well as access to previously recorded ensemble, concerts and additional podcasts, lectures and talks.

Subscription for in person concerts during the 30th season:

Purchase of subscription to sit in the hall for 6 concerts in a series of discoveries (Entrance to the hall and the number of subscribers allowed, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health) And 3 more special concerts at a special discount for subscribers only.



Regular: 480 NIS, Senior: 430 NIS, Student / Composer: 300 NIS


Online subscription: Starting this season, all concerts will be filmed and recorded in high definition and will follow a pre-filmed lecture / talk.

All 9 concerst will be available online this season at a cost of only NIS 300.

Each subscriber will recieve a username and password for the season concerts.


More this season: podcasts, chamber concerts, experimental music events,

lectures on the work process of composition and more.

Tel Aviv Museum, Asia Hall
Jerusalem Music Center
Discoveries, Concert 1, spotlight on composer Unsuk Chin
Ilan Volkov conductor
Imri Talgam  piano
Hana Ajiashvili   New Work
Sivan Eldar    New Work with electronics
Unsuk Chin-Three Etudes for Piano  (1, 5, 6)
Unsuk Chin-Gougalon

Tel Aviv Museum, Asia Hall
Jerusalem Music Center
Tel Aviv Cinematheque, Hall 1
Discoveries, Concert 2, spotlight on composer Rebecca Saunders
Peter Rundel conductor
Juliet Fraser  soprano
Batya Frenklach          Suggestion  
Franck Bedrossian      Innersonic-duo for eguitar and accordion
Dan Yuhas                     New Work
Rebbeca  Saunders     Into the blue
Rebbeca  Saunders     Skin

Series Special
Potmkin Sergey Eisenstein's film
Music accompaniment by Ed Hughes
Tel Aviv Museum, Asia Hall
Jerusalem Music Center
Discoveries, Concert 3, spotlight on composer Hans Abrahamsen
Christian Karlsen  conductor
Jacob Kellerman  guitar 
Djuro Zivkovic                   On the guarding of the heart
Francisco Coll                   Turia
Nielsen-Abrahamsen      Three Piano pieces

Tel Aviv Museum, Asia Hall
Jerusalem Music Center
Discoveries, Concert 4, spotlight on composer Enno Poppe
Zsolt Nagy  conductor
Oded Geizhals  percussion
Andrea Hallam  violin 
Itzhak  Tamir     Images
Amos Elkana     New Work for percussion and ensemble
Enno Poppe       Scherben
Enno Poppe       Haare for violin solo
Enno Poppe       Salz

Tel Aviv Museum, Asia Hall
Series Special
Winners of the Azrieli Foundation's Jewish and Canadian
Music Competition
Tel Aviv Museum, Asia Hall
Jerusalem Music Center
Discoveries, Concert 5, spotlight on composer Cassandra Miller
Ilan Volkov conductor
Silvia Tarozzi  violin
Rinnat Moriah  soprano 
Talia Amar                New Work
Yair Klartag               New Work
Cassandra Miller     TBC
Cassandra Miller     New Work for violin and ensemble
Gesher Theater
Series Special
Chaplin Operas in Collaboration with JaffaFest
Tel Aviv Museum, Asia Hall
Jerusalem Music Center
Discoveries, Concert 6, spotlight on composer György Ligeti    
Zsolt Nagy   conductor
Yael Barolsky  violin 
Naama Zisser                  New Work   
Vladimir  Tarnopolski     Perpetuum Moebius
György Ligeti                   Violin Concerto

Subscription cost for 6 concerts in the "Discoveries" series:
Regular subscription 570 NIS / Senior Citizen subscription 470 NIS / Continued subscription 430 NIS / Student subscription: 300 NIS

Purchase of subscriptions:
By telephone: 077-2019573

Purchase of individual tickets for concerts:
On the ensembles website
Or by telephone: 077-2019573

Ticket exchange or cancellation policy:
Subscribers and individual ticket buyers who are unable to attend the concert should call or email the Subscription Office No later than 24 hours before the concert time. Only subscribers who cancel a ticket before the concert can use it for another

Unused tickets in the previous season can be converted to tickets in the next season, provided that the ticket holder bought a subscription for the following season. Replacements will be done on a vacancy basis only.


The various options for exchanging unused tickets will be emailed to you during the season, from a selection of concerts held at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and Events held at Hateiva.

Please bring your ticket at each concert and present it at the entrance.

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