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Nadav Masel

Double bass



Nadav Daniel Masel was born 26.5.1986.

2004 started playing the Bass under the guidance of Omer Avital and Nimrod Kling (IPO).

The following year he entered the Tel Aviv music academy where he played in the Academies Orchestra also playing in the Modern Music Ensembles under the guidance of Prof. Reuven Seroussi.

2008 - 2012 Moved to berlin where studies the Bass under the guidance of Prof. Michael Wolf, playing in several orchesters and chamber music.During this time after meeting Bassist Barre Phillips, nadav entered the realm of Improvised music.

2012- 2020 Moved back to israel working as Free improvisor on the bass, playing reccording and touring as Soloist or in several groups with Mikolaj Trzaska, Ido Bukelman, Harold Rubin, Daniel Sarid, Chad Taylor, Tristan Honssinger and Mark Sanders to name a few.

For 3 years, he ran a regular improv contemporary music venue at HaHanut 31 Theater in Tel Aviv, hosting artists from israel and abroad, each december ran, orginized and produced a three day Music Marathon.

Joined the Israel Contemporary Players in 2013.

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