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Friends of the Ensemble

Friends of the Israel Contemporary Players, Mikshav Association

the Israel Contemporary Players brings to the Israeli audience the best contemporary music in the world, from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day.

The purpose of the ensemble is to promote and distribute contemporary classical music to audiences in Israel and around the world, to provide a platform for Israeli filmmakers and composers, and to present what is happening in the international scene by the best conductors and soloists from all over the world.


The Israel Contemporary Players has revolutionised the performance of contemporary music in the country. Its founder and artistic director, composer Dan Yuhas, makes sure to incorporate works written by Israeli composers, along with the best international works, within the concert programs, and alongside works that have already become "classics" in contemporary 20th-century repertoire of music.

The Ensemble maintains a balanced budget, a stable and healthy organisational culture and full transparency in its management and economic activities.
This diverse activity requires many resources that are only partially covered by self-incomes and support by various institutions.

We invite you to take part in our work, to contribute and influence the development of the Israel Contemporary Players, to allow us to continue to bring our wealth of activities to the general public and to hold unique concerts in the years to come that shine on composers and artists in Israel and around the world in new music.

Ensemble maintains a balanced budget, a stable and healthy organisational culture and full transparency in its managerial and economic activities.

We invite you to open our doors and hearts and raise friends who are interested in promoting contemporary music in Israel: to donate, join us as subscribers and allow us to continue serving quality music.

The Israel Contemporary Players will enjoy various activities and encounters with creators and guests

invited by the ensemble as part of the "Discoveries" concert series:

  • "Before and After" - intimate concert and lecture sessions in the hall, to recognise contemporary musical creation.

  • Artist classes to be delivered by musicians from the ensemble, its artistic directors and creators.

  • Honorary session in the "Discoveries" concert series, held at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the Jerusalem Music Center.


Activities for Friends of the 21st Century Ensemble will be announced in advance and during the year you donated.

The Israel Contemporary Players is a non-profit organisation and all its revenue is dedicated to promoting music and music in Israel. The contributions to the ensemble are recognised for tax purposes under section 46A of the Income Tax Ordinance.

For more details and to join

Call us: 077-201-9573
Or send us an email:

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